Day off in Bettyhill

Die Naver-Mündung bei BettyhillAltes Eishaus der Fischerstation an der Naver-MündungFeine weiße Strände gibt es an der Nordküste

Today we took a day off. Simone read, slept and made a short walk (to the cemetery) while the parents discovered the environment of Bettyhill. After a short stroll through the village we walked to the old harbor at the Torrside Bay. The Torrside Bay is the mouth of the river Torrside hemmed by fine wide sandy beaches. There are remains of old Ice Houses. In former times the mouth of the river was blocked with fishing nets to catch the fishes moving the river upward. Up to the late 50th the ice collected in the winter was stored inside the Ice Houses for cooling fresh fish on its transport to the towns in southern Scotland in the summer. After visiting the Ice Houses we walked along the rising steep coast to the hill "Clachan". We went across sheepwalks and the view along the coastline was always beautiful. Reaching the top of the hill we went back to Bettyhill and then to the sandy beach of Farr Bay. The panorama of the beach appears as if the beach is located in the Caribbean sea: turquoise water, white sand - we only missed the palm trees, and of course the bathing tourists (the last we do not really missed). On our way back to the camp ground we visited the ancient cemetery with the Strathenaver Museum (unfortunately the museum was closed) and a small tearoom next by. There we got a good cup of coffee and some cake before we returned to our daughter.


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