From Tobermory to the Isle of Skye

Uferpromenade von TobermoryDie Distel - das Wahrzeichen von SchottlandDer Fähranleger von Tobermory

It was a rainy night and in the morning the weather was foggily, too. This was a reason to sleep a little bit longer. Then we packed up our tent and drove to the center of Tobermory. This small town has a nice waterfront with a lot of colorful houses. After leaving the Isle of Mull by ferry we slowly traveled through rolling hills and romantic forests (yes there are large forests in Scotland) to the north. First we drove along the picturesque Loch Sunart, then we crossed over to the Sound of Arisaig and using the way on its shoreline we reached Mallaig. We took our lunch in a restaurant of a ranger station with a very good souvenir shop. All the day it was foggy and cloudy,  from time to time it rains and so Simone slept the most of the time.

However, after we reached the Isle of Sky using the last ferry over the Kyle Rhea we only wanted to find a camp site as fast as possible. But this was not easy. The camp ground in Skulamus has had been closed and the next camp ground in Slichagan was far away. At last we pitched our tent at the completely overcrowded camp ground in Slichagan in the light of a lantern and between a lot of beer drinking bikers. But much more unpleasant where the millions of very aggressive midges which were biting us every moment we left the tent or the car. We only saw the mountains around the camp ground as dark shadows and so we were not very euphoric about the putative most beautiful Western Island in the evening of our arrival.

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