Falkirk Wheel

Kanalbrücke zur oberen PositionDas "Rad" in BewegungGesamtanlage des "Falkirk Wheel"Antriebs-Mechanismus

The second destination today was selected by dad. On our last visit last autumn we had found some flyers about this "Wheel". The "Wheel" is a ship lift of a special kind. Compared with other ship lifts it is not so large and the capacity of the hutch is only enough for two small tourist boats. However, the technical solution fascinates me and I like the beautiful picture of the modern white construction in front of the blue sky

So we made a break at the grass near by the lower basin and looked at the leisurely motion of the wheel (like a very wide giant wheel at a amusement park) and the activities of the international tourists (everywhere you'll find Japanese) in front of us. Most interesting was the gear mechanism which hold the hutch always in a horizontal position.

As we guessed the economical benefit of the wheel is limited but it is a nice toy for tourists - and an expensive one, how John explained us sarcastically in the evening. John is the father of the family where Simone has had lived last year and she got a warm-hearted welcome by the whole White-family. But also we were received with pleasure in this very likable family. Although  the inside of the house did not fit our traditional  imagination of the interior of an English cottage, like it seemed from the front side. But please excuse me, we are in Scotland and even if it happens to me some times at the begin of our journey: 
Never call a Scotsman an Englishman - they don't like it and they are very proud of their Nation and the Scottish history. Between Scotsman and Englishman exist such a lot of differences in mentality and behavior about we were wondering from time to time.  

However, the Falkirk Wheel is beautiful

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