Iona (Abbey and Nunnery)

Morgenstimmung (Blick aus dem Zelt)Keltenkreuz auf IonaKloster Iona (Gesamtansicht)Kreuzgang des Klosters

The first view of the day presented a symphony of colors - the blue of the sea, the green of the meadows, the gray of the rocks and the white of the beach. We were woken up by wind and sunshine.

Today we let our car at the camp ground and after breakfast we walked to the village Fionnphort to take the ferry to Iona. After we had visited the Nunnery which ruins are planted colorful with flowers, naturally we went to the famous Abbey with its Celtic Crosses. Alike Linlithgow Castle the Abbey played an important role in the history of Scotland. There are a couple of legends and myths connected with the Abbey. Starting from this place in 563 the Monk St. Columba christianizes the Scotians (most of the inhabitants of Scotland in this time). And in the time after the Battle of Culloden Bonny Prince Charlie was hidden at Iona after his adventurous elopement together with Flora Macdonald. The Iona Abbey by itself  is an impressive simple Romanesque Abbey in an austere but beautiful landscape. The interior concludes only few original furnishing and a museum of Celtic Crosses. Inside the Abbey there are some of this very impressive monuments from early Christian times which are decorated with Celtic patterns. You can find further of this mysterious objects in Ireland and the western Parts of Scotland.

Ruine des NonnenklostersKeltenkreuz auf IonaBlick von Iona nach MullWanderung durch die nördlichen Hügel auf Iona

After our visit of the Abbey and all its public rooms we decided to make a short walk to the white beaches at the south west side of the isle. The beaches by itself where a disappointment. And while we tried to return on an other route we lost our way inside the low but complex hills in the northern part of the island. The weather had no compassion with us, it was sunny and hot. So we where more than thirsty when we came back to the village. Nevertheless the walk was a nice part of this wonderful day. We got a refreshment in a food shop and then we went back to the camp site. At the camp ground we had to shower with cold water - the power supply was gone at the Isle of Mull. We were tired and sweated, the sun was shining and we had the desire to go swimming in the sea but the temperature of the water was too cold (only children seems to be insensitive for cold water)     

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