Talisker Whisky und Dunvegan Castle

Zeltplatz Slichagan auf der Insel SkyeDer Broch "Dun Reag" auf SkyeDunvegan CastleGarten im Park von Dunvegan Castle

In contrary to all of our concerns the night was peaceful and silent. In the morning we were woken up by the mumbling of the heavy motorbikes. The biker meeting was finished and the camp site was emptying. Looking around we got back our elan we had lost yesterday. The view to the high peaks of the Red Cullin Hills and the Black Cullin Hills was very impressive. They are including a collection of mountains higher than 3000 feet, so called "Munroes". And the day redeemed the promise of the morning.
On the tour to Dunvegan Castle we stopped at the broch "Dun Breag". Brochs are the ruins of round buildings of the mysteriously Scythians a tribe living at Skye at the same time as the Vikings invaded Scotland. The brochs had been built for living and defensive purposes. They have stairways of stone between the inner and outer walls, the height was 2 to 4 floors and archeologists found remains from wooden constructions in the court yard. Apart from this the lookout from Dun Reag is amazing. 

 After that we visited the Talisker Whisky Distillery. There we made a tour through the distillery and learned a lot about the Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Of course we also tasted this original Scottish drink. For me it was very interesting to compare the manufacturing and blending process of Scotch and Kentucky Burdon (I had visited the Jack Daniels Distillery in America two years ago). Also the Aging and Blending process has completely different aims. It is a pity that Scottish Whisky is in Scotland much more expensive than in Germany so that we did not bought a souvenir.

Typischer Steiluferlandschaft auf SkyeDer "Mealt Falls" WasserfallDie berühmten Basalt-Kliffs der Insel SkyeDas Grab von Flora Macdonald

The main destination of our daytrip was Dunvegan Castle, the home of the Dunvegan Clan, for a long time the "Lords of the Isles". Mainly the Castle is a very interesting place because of its rich interior. In difference to Duart Castle it has a long and continuous history up to the present. The building by itself and the views from the castle were not so impressive but the park with its miscellaneous trees and very nice gardens is worth to see.  

This day we finished with a sightseeing tour round the island. Of course we stopped at the "Kilt Rock Waterfall". This was recommended by the White family but unfortunately there was not enough water in it. We were astonished about the famous basalt cliffs, one of the most popular landmarks of the Isle of Skye. We met with a spectacular sunset at the ruins of Duntulm Castle. We used the last daylight  for a visit at the grave of Flora MacDonald, the legendary woman who rescued Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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