Glasgow Science Center

Gast-Schwestern im Science Centre von GlasgowParty im RegenGastfreundschaft

In the morning it was permanent raining like the whole last night. So we decided to visit the modern Science Center in Glasgow. This special scientific museum had not been visited by Simone and Anne-Marie before. Anne-Marie is the friend of Simone and daughter of the family where Simone has had lived last year. The Science Center was very interesting. A lot of experiments were waiting to be tried out and some aspects of natural sciences were presented on manifold and illustrative ways. So we had a good day even the weather was bad all over the time. Of cause the young ladies wanted to be alone and discover the museum by themselves. We (the parents) also got some knowledge in the Planetarium (Zeiss) and we had a lot of fun in an experimental show about physically effects at very deep temperatures.

I had the order by John to delay our come back to Stirling up to the time after 17:30 hour. He wanted to prepare a surprise for Simone. However, after a involuntarily "Sightseeing tour" through the rainy Glasgow we almost were too late.   

While we stayed in Glasgow the White family had prepared a barbeque and invited all the friends Simone had met in the last year, friends from school, friends from the neighborhood and friends from the family. Simone was very happy about this and it was a amusing evening. Because it was raining all the time we had to stay under two party-tents organized by John for worse cases. And at the begin we got remorse about all the efforts to organize and prepare the barbeque. But then as well as all the other guests we had a lot of fun and we meet a lot of lovely people. At last, it was an unforgettable night and now I could better understand why Simone felt very well in this lovely family in the last half year.

   However, now we are knowing what it is, a "really Scottish barbeque".

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