Glen Torridon / Loch Maree / Ullapool

Die Brücke bei Kyle of LochalshZeltplatz im RegenDüstere Abendstimmung am Hafen

Today we left the beautiful Isle of Skye and traveled to the North. Ten years ago at our last journey to Scotland we had resolved to discover the northern costal line anytime. After we packaged our tent we ate the breakfast in the camp site restaurant. To leave the Island it was not necessary to use a ferry. There exists a modern bridge over the Kyle of Lochalsh. After passing the bridge we followed the main route 87 for a short distance and then we crossed the Lochalsh to Stromeferry. Originally we wanted to visit the Strome Castle but we did not found a castle nor a ferry over the Loch Carron. So we drove around Loch Carron and used the road 896 along Glen Shildaig and Glen Torridon. Especially the last part of Glen Torridon is worth to see. To the left hand we could see the majestic Beinn Eighe, a Munroe with a height of 3313 feet. In the valley to the right hand there are remains of the original Scottish primeval forest, a light forest of pines. Then we visited the Beinn Eighe Nation Nature Reserve. This is the oldest nature reserve of Great Britain. There is an exhibition about the dying of the ancient primeval forests and the efforts made to afforest the Highlands today. Our visit at the Victoria Falls was very short. It began to rain and we run away from millions of biting midges. After a rainy ride along the beautiful Loch Maree we were sitting inside the car at the campsite in Ullapool and tried to decide what would be better: wait or pitch the tent in the rain yet. The construction of our tent allows us to pitch it also in heavy rain but this is not comfortable and maybe some things  would be clammy and wet. We made the decision to wait and fortunately after a short time the rain stops.
The evening of this rainy day we spent in a cosy restaurant near by the port of Ullapool.

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